About Dr. Chris Patterson

Dr. Chris knew he wanted to help people for a living and found that Chiropractic would be that vessel while studying biology in High School.  He loved Anatomy and Physiology and felt a passion for sharing his love of the sciences with his patients. He opened Lakes Holistic Care in September of 2017.

With over 10 years of clinical experience, Dr Chris’s practice follows the philosophy that therapy is most successful when people are listened to and treated holistically, not as individual parts and his work is focused on finding and treating the root causes.

Graduating from Northwestern Health Science University in 2010 Dr. Chris went to work, helping run three clinics before setting up his practice.

Dr. Chris loves to travel and share his “whole person approach” to healthcare with the world. This approach means looking for the underlying causes of your body/mind stressors.

Dr. Chris Is looking forward to the golf season and spending time with his beautiful wife, Ashley,  his son William, and daughter Grace.

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